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Armed with confidence, brains and beauty, urban/R&B songstress Paula Campbell has a story to tell. Life may have dealt this strong-willed, student of the game a questionable deck of cards, nevertheless this gorgeous and street-smart song stylist is coming up nothing short of straight aces. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Paula’s home life was anything but stable, yet she continuously kept the faith and her music expresses songs from the heart and soul of a real survivor. Nicknamed Sparkle by her neighborhood peers, Paula’s journey mirrors that girl with big dreams of singing while overcoming obstacles along the way. Having been moved around throughout her adolescent and teenage years Paula’s surroundings could have easily negatively impacted her but she refused to give in to her environment. Citing Whitney Houston and voices like Ella Fitzgerald as major musical influences, young Paula used to mimic their songs and it was their music and the music she began to create within that ultimately saved her. Before her major label signing, Paula Campbell had been pounding the pavement for several years to create opportunities for herself. From studying the LP credits of the latest artists and cold calling A&R executives, to taking label meetings to get signed.

Paula was learning about the players behind the scenes. A mainstay throughout the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region with a penchant for penning the lyrics to her songs, Paula was voted best female vocalist and ambassador to mainstream by Baltimore City Paper. After independently releasing the single How Does It Feel, Paula found support from local radio station WERQ Baltimore where the song shot to number one for eight weeks straight. The buzz she generated led to the billboard charting regional release of her independent LP, “Who Got Next”. Serving as the opening act for the likes of R&B and POP heavyweights Ne-yo, Tre Songs, Ciara and Rihanna, Paula also held her own opening for hip-hoppers Kanye West and T.I. Those early accolades continue to be reflected in Paula’s music, revealing with a smile, “you’ve got to have a hip hop feel because in Baltimore, we’re a little bit rough.” 

When Paula was re-introduced to the executives at Columbia Records the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. She played her hometown hits for the executive team and the ink couldn’t dry fast enough. She then gained the respect of Platinum Pen Ne-Yo. Where she collaborated to make the no-nonsense, man-checkin beat balladry of Ain’t Nobody Stupid and won the Glamour Magazine music contest where superstar Ciara directed Paula’s first video. Ne-Yo adds “The songs I did for Paula were written for her, with her vocal style and personal swagger in mind. I dug Paula’s vibe from the first time I met her. She is who she is, in that she doesn’t try to be strong or try to be real she just is.” Paula says “There is a difference when you get with people who’ve already have done it; you learn a lot if you listen.” And listen is just what she did. Ne-Yo agrees wholeheartedly, adding “Paula Campbell is the voice of every woman. She’s imperfect and insecure, yet confident and strong all at the same time, she’s just every woman. Above all, she’s real.”

Paula Campbell is very clear on her purpose. “Coming from what I’ve been has helped me understand that every moment is another chance to create opportunity”. Now independent, her singles “Good Without You” and “Shelter” have gained real recognition in the mid-Atlantic and Southern regions. Paula enjoys how she has the opportunity to give her fans the true definition of herself through music once again. Her new single “Girlfriend’ set to release March 19, 2020 gives us that round the way girl, telling it like it is, rainy day listening, good times making, classic sound from the heart of the creative, unapologetic, warrior the lies in all women. Paula concedes “I started Independent, I sang my truth as well as the truth of my listeners. They knew and appreciated how much I could relate and connect with them authentically.

My music is real, for real people with real situations. It says that it’s okay to be you! To not be okay and accept who you are without any pretenses. My music is timeless, it is classic, and I am someone who will always be around”. 

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